Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 3 College Football Wrap Up

Well i would have posted this earlier but i have been very busy. But here is how i did on my picks for last weeks Top 25.

I went 20-3 in the top 25 games to bring my season record to 39-12 so far this early season. I had picked The Huskies to beat Nebraska in an upset and that didnt happen quite as i was thinking. The Cornhuskers came into Washington and whopped up on Jake Locker and company. The other upset that i picked was Arizona over Iowa at home and thats exactly what happened. Nick Foles led the Wildcats to a 34-27 victory in the final minutes of the game!
This is going to be another short blog, i will be posting my new top 25 picks in the next couple days along with my NFL picks for the week as well. Last week i forgot to post my NFL picks so i will post this weeks for sure. Make sure and check my Prosportsblogging.com blog about the Oregon Ducks every week!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 3 in College Football

Normally i would get into a little more detail on why i am going to pick the team i choose to win. I am a little Crunched for time tonight so i will just be making my picks for the Top 25 teams this week

Ohio vs #2 Ohio State - Ohio State
#12 Arkansas vs Georgia - Arkansas
Massachusetts vs #20 Michigan - Michigan
Maryland vs #21 West Virginia -Maryland with the Upset
Kent State vs #22 Penn State - Penn State
#1 Alabama vs Duke -Bama
Air Force vs #7 Oklahoma - Oklahoma
#8 Nebraska vs Washington - Another upset with Washington
#10 Florida vs Tennessee - Florida
Arizona St. vs #11 Wisconsin - Wisconsin
#18 USC vs Minnesota - USC
Baylor vs #4 TCU - TCU
Louisville vs #25 Oregon State - Oregon State
Portland State vs #5 Oregon - Oregon
Furman vs #13 South Carolina - South Carolina
Mississippi State vs #15 LSU - LSU
Clemson vs #16 Auburn - Auburn
#3 Boise State vs Wyoming -Boise State
#6 Texas vs Texas Tech - Texas
#14 Utah vs New Mexico - Utah
#9 Iowa vs #24 Arizona - Arizona with the upset
#23 Houston vs UCLA - Houston
Wake Forest vs #19 Stanford - Stanford

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wrapping up Opening Week of the NFL

Well the first week in the NFL did not disappoint there were some close games and some upsets. Here is how i did with my predictions

New Orleans vs Minnesota I had picked the Saints to start their title defense with a victory and that's exactly what they did against the Vikings winning a close battle 14-9

Miami vs Buffalo I had picked Miami and they beat Buffalo 15-10

Detroit vs Chicago  I had picked the Bears and they pulled off a close win in a very controversial finish with the Lions having a shot at the end zone and Calvin Johnson's "game winning" touchdown was called back. Chicago ended up hanging on to win 19-14

Oakland vs Tennessee  I had the Titans winning and thats what they did. Winning big against a weak Raiders team 38-18. Chris Johnson had another big game carrying the ball 27 times for 145 yards and 2 TD's

Cincinnati vs New England  I had New England winning and they did, winning big against the Bengals 38-24. The car wreck earlier in the week did not phase Tom Brady who had a big game throwing for 258 yards and 3 TD's which 2 went to Wes Welker.

Carolina vs New York Giants  I had picked the Panthers thinking the combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart was going to rack up yards and TD's but the Giants came out strong and beat them 31-18

Atlanta vs Pittsburgh  I had the Steelers winning and they pulled off a great win at home with Dennis Dixon as the starting QB. It took them Overtime to win but they pulled it off with a Mendenhall 50 yards TD on their first play in OT. Winning 15-9

Cleveland vs Tampa Bay  I had Tampa Bay winning and they pulled off a close win 17-14

Denver vs. Jacksonville  I had the Jaguars beating the Broncos in this this game and after a solid starting performance out of Garrard they pulled off a 24-17 victory to start the season

Indianapolis vs Houston  I had the Colts winning this game. This was the shocking game to me this week with the Texans pulling off a victory against the AFC Champs. Arian Foster had one of the best opening day performances in the history of the NFL, 33 carries for 231 yards and 3 TD's. Houston won 34-24.

San Fransisco vs. Seattle  I had the 49ers winning this one. Seattle shocked me in the Pete Carroll era! Winning with ease against the 49ers 31-6. Seattle looked really good at home and i am anxious to see how Carroll does in his first season back in the NFL

Green Bay vs Philadelphia  I had the Packers winning this one and they pulled off a victory on the road against a tough Eagles team. Kevin Kolb didnt start off the season too great though, he suffered a concussion and left the game early and didnt return. Green Bay ended up fighting off a late 4th Quarter rush from Michael Vick winning 27-20

Arizona vs St. Louis  I had picked Arizona to win this game, they did but it was a lot close then i had thought it would be. Sam Bradford had a pretty good game in his first NFL start. He almost made a 4th Quarter comeback to get his first win but came up short. Arizona won 17-13 to start the Derek Andersen era.

Dallas vs Washington  I had Dallas winning, Washington started out their Donovan McNabb era with a big win at home against the Cowboys. The Cowboys made too many mistakes to win this game. Fumbling the ball at the end of the half and the Redskins capitalized and picked it up and ran it into the End zone. Then as time was expiring a huge holding call ended the game and Washington held on to win.

Baltimore vs New York Jets  I had the Jets winning  but in a big defensive battle the Ravens shut down the Jets defense to get the victory 10-9

San Diego vs Kansas City  I had the Chargers winning this game but in another surprise game the Chiefs won a big game in their home opener with big plays from rookies. The final score was 21-14. The Chargers had a shot at tying up the game late in the 4th quarter but couldn't get the ball into the end zone, leaving the chiefs to hold on for the win

Overall for the week i started out 10 of 16 which i hope to improve on this coming week. Again feedback is more then welcome! i will be making my picks in a couple days for this coming weekends NFL Games.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

College Football Weekend Wrap Up

Well a couple of the upsets that i picked didnt quite happen and some of the games i thought werent going to be upsets ended up happening! Overall it was another great week in College Football! This is why its one of my favorite times of the season. Lets talk about how i did with my predictions on all the top 25 games.

West Virginia vs Marshall  Although a closer game than i expected i did have WV winning and they pulled off a close victory coming from behind 24-21

San Jose St. vs #11 Wisconsin  I had the Badgers winning and they did win 27-14

#15 Georgia Tech vs Kansas  I had GT winning and Kansas at home won with the upset! 28-25

#22 Georgia vs #24 South Carolina  I had Georgia winning and South Carolina won the game in a low scoring battle 17-6

South Florida vs #8 Florida  I had the Gators winning and they did. Once they got going they rolled over South Florida winning 38-14

Idaho vs #6 Nebraska  I had Nebraska winning and they did very easily 38-17

James Madison vs #13 Virginia Tech  Well i had VT winning and i thought they would have bounced back with an easy win and this was the shocker in the top 25. James Madison ended up upsetting VT 21-16.

Iowa St. Vs #9 Iowa  I had Iowa winning and thats exactly what they did and they won big 35-7

#17 Florida St. Vs #10 Oklahoma  My upset pick is this was FSU and that didn't happen this time. Oklahoma at home pounded Florida State and won big 47-17. I thought Florida State was going to put up more of a fight then they did but Oklahoma's offense was too much.

#12 Miami vs #2 Ohio State  My pick was OSU and they won 36-24 behind a big game from Terrell Pryor

UNLV vs #20 Utah  i had Utah winning and they won 38-10

#18 Penn State vs #1 Alabama  My pick was Alabama and they won very convincingly at home against the Nitty Lions 24-3 missing the Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram for the 2nd straight game. It didnt even seem to phase the Defending National Champs.

Tennessee Tech vs #4 TCU  I had TCU winning and they won in a route 62-7

Wyoming vs #5 Texas  I had Texas winning and they did but not without an early scare from Wyoming who was leading 7-3 early but the Texas calmed down and ended up winning 34-7

#7 Oregon vs Tennessee  My pick was my Oregon Ducks and they did not disappoint winning big 48-13. But Oregon started out slow being down 6-0 before a 70 minute Thunder Storm delay happened. The Ducks came back after the delay and finally put it together and tied it 13 all at halftime, then didnt look back scoring 35 points and giving up 0 in the second half. A big road win against an SEC team was just what the Ducks needed

#14 Arkansas vs Louisiana-Monroe my pick was Arkansas and they did win big 31-7

#19 LSU vs Vanderbilt  My pick was LSU and the Tigers won 27-3

Virginia vs #16 USC  My pick was the Trojans and in a surprisingly close game they pulled off a 17-14 win in their home opener

#25 Stanford vs UCLA  my pick was Stanford and they did win and won very convincingly against fellow Pac 10 opponent UCLA 35-0. Sophomore QB Andrew Luck had another great game only throwing for 151 yards but threw 2 TD's to lead his team to a big victory

So my overall record for the day ended up being 14-4 which isnt bad i dont think but could be better. So combined with last weeks horrible record that brings me too 19-9 so far through 2 weeks! I will be picking next weeks game sometime later this week. Again i would love some more followers and comments! So please feel free to give some feedback as well!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This week in College Football!

This coming weekend is another big week in college football and I am going to go over the top 25 match-ups and pick my winners for each game

I didnt get a chance to blog in time for tonights match-up between #21 Auburn and Mississippi State which Auburn won

#23 West Virginia vs Marshall   My pick is West Virginia. They take care of Marshall with no problem. They have beaten Marshall every time they have played them by over 17 points. Marshall played Ohio State last week and looked horrible. They will drop their 2nd game to a ranked opponent to start the season.

San Jose St. vs #11 Wisconsin  My pick is Wisconsin. The Badgers win this match-up easily. San Jose st opened up the season last week against defending National Champs Alabama and got pounded and will get stomped again this weekend.

#15 Georgia Tech vs Kansas  My pick is Georgia Tech. Kansas Football is struggling and are in a rebuilding stage. They lost to North Dakota State 6-3 last week. They are young at QB and just dont have what it takes to win against Georgia Tech this weekend.

#22 Georgia vs #24 South Carolina  My pick is in a sort of upset is Georgia. The Bulldogs will go into South Carolina and beat the Gamecocks. Stephen Garcia from South Carolina will keep the game close but Georgia's offense will win in the long run and win the game.

South Florida vs #8 Florida  My pick is the Gators. Coming off a struggled victory against Miami (OH). I think Florida comes back and looks a lot better and takes care of South Florida. The play of QB John Brantley is going to be huge though.

Idaho vs #6 Nebraska   My pick is Nebraska. They win big against Idaho, its a home game for the Cornhuskers and they will pound a very weak Idaho team.

James Madison vs #13 Virginia Tech  My pick is VT. After a heart breaking loss at home against Boise State the Hookies look to rebound against a weaker opponent James Madison and i think they will win big.

Iowa St. vs #9 Iowa  My pick is Iowa. With the Cy-hawk Trophy on the line in this rivalry game Iowa should take care of Iowa State with ease.

#17 Florida St. Vs #10 Oklahoma My pick is an upset is #17 Florida State. Oklahoma barely squeaked by a Utah State team last week and i think they get upset this weekend at home. With a young QB Landry Jones, i think he is going to struggle and Christian Ponder will have another huge game as will Ty Jones. So you heard it here first. Upset Florida State wins!

#12 Miami(FL) vs #2 Ohio State  My pick is Ohio State. They Buckeyes are rolling right now and will continue to against the Canes. I think Miami will put up a little fight but they will have no answer for Terrelle Pryor. He will have another huge game and dominate their defense. Ohio State will pull away in the second half and win the game.

UNLV vs #20 Utah  My pick is Utah. They have won 13 of the last 15 against The Rebels and will make it 14 of 16 this weekend. Utah is coming off hot with their upset win against Pitt last weekend and will beat UNLV Saturday.

#18 Penn State vs #1 Alabama  My pick is the Crimson Tide although they most likely will be missing the Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram for the second straight game. McElroy will lead Alabama past a tough Penn State team in this weeks game of the week. It wont be a blow out that's for sure but will be a very close game.

Tennessee Tech Vs #4TCU  My pick is TCU. The Horned Frogs after a winning a close fought battle against Oregon State will take care of Tennessee Tech fairly easy at home.

Wyoming vs #5 Texas  My pick is Texas. Texas is still going through the transition of have a new QB in Garrett Gilbert but will run most of their offense through Tre' Newton who scored 3 TD's last week against Rice. Wyoming wont put up much of a fight and Texas will win in a route.

#7 Oregon Vs Tennessee  My pick is Oregon. The Ducks coming off an incredible 72-0 Blowout of New Mexico travel to Tennessee for the first time to take on the Vols in front of a packed house. Tennessee is coming off their own blowout win over Tennessee Martin where they won 50-0. The Ducks high powered offense will be just too much for the Volunteers to handle. LaMichael James will be in the lineup after serving his 1 game suspension. Between him and Kenjon Barner the ducks will win big. My Prediction is 42-24

#14 Arkansas vs Louisiana- Monroe  My pick is Arkansas. Their offense is looking really good right now and will continue to roll against a very weak Louisiana- Monroe team.

#19 LSU vs Vanderbilt  My Pick is the Tigers. LSU will win this game with ease. Vanderbilt just wont be able to keep up.

Virginia vs #16 USC  My pick is USC. Coming off a victory against Hawaii the Trojans offense looked like a USC high powered offense. Matt Barkley isn't an ordinary Soph. QB. He looks like a Veteran. Although USC is going to have to improve their defense a little bit, they gave up 36 points to a Hawaii team last week. But the Trojans win big in their home opener.

#25 Stanford vs UCLA  My pick is Stanford. Behind Andrew Luck at QB Stanford should take care of UCLA easily. It will give a good first look at 2 Pac 10 teams playing each other. But Stanford should win fairly easy and Luck will have another huge game.

These are my picks for the week. Please feel free to give feedback!!! Leave some comments!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Opening Week of NFL

This Thursday is the opening night of NFL. There are some very interesting match-ups this weekend too to open the season. I am going to make my picks for each game and continue to do so all year! Last season i picked over 75% winners. Hopefully i can continue to do so again this year!

Thurs Night
Minnesota vs. New Orleans  My pick for this game is the Saints. They are the Defending champs and I think they might have a shot at repeating as champs this year. They have a very strong and explosive offense and their defense is solid. This is a very big match-up to start the season, it was the NFC Championship from last year.

Miami vs Buffalo  My pick for this game is the Dolphins. The Bills just aren't going to be strong again this year. Although i am very excited to see how C.J. Spiller works out with them. He is very explosive and i think he could end up being an elite RB in this league. But for now, the Dolphins win this game no problem.

Detroit vs Chicago  My pick for this game is Chicago. Detroit is still in another rebuilding year and will struggle this season.

Oakland vs Tennessee  My pick for this is the Titans. I think with Chris Johnson and Vince Young this year they could be deadly. I think Young will have a great year as the Starting QB. Johnson will again be the leagues best RB and rush for over 2000 yards. But for this game Tennessee will go up early and never look back.

Cincinnati vs New England  My pick is the Pats for this one. It will be very interesting to see 3 of the leagues best WR's in this game. I just don't think Cinci's Defense can handle Brady and Welker.

Carolina vs New York Giants  My pick is the Panthers. With their deadly RB combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart they can rack up yards and TD's quick.

Atlanta vs Pittsburgh  My pick is the Steelers. I think Dennis Dixon is going to shock some people at the starting QB spot while Big Ben is serving his suspension. Dixon is a very good QB and i think they win this game.

Cleveland vs Tampa Bay  My pick for this game is Tampa Bay

Denver vs Jacksonville  My pick for this game is the Jags. They have won 3 of the last 4 and they continue again on this game. A home game for 1 and Maurice Jones-Drew although he has been injured is a stud RB and he will have a good game in the season opener.

Indianapolis vs Houston  My pick for this is the Colts. Even though it will be the home opener for the Texas, Peyton Manning will throw for over 300 yards and a few TD's against the Texans Defense and they will win easily on the road.

San Fransisco vs Seattle  My pick is the 49ers. I watched the Seahawks vs Green Bay earlier this season at Qwest Field and their defense is struggling this year in the preseason in my opinion. So i think the Seahawks defense struggles and the 49ers win on the road in the home opener for Seattle.

Green Bay vs. Philadelphia  My pick is the Packers. Green Bay has everything clicking coming into the Reg. Season. Aaron Rodgers would have been the Pre Season MVP if they had such an award. Their Offense is clicking on all cylinders. With Kolb as the Eagles new starter i think this one could be an offense game with a high score. But the packers win on the road to open the season.

Arizona vs St. Louis  My pick is Arizona. St. Louis is still trying to rebuild their team. Rookie QB Sam Bradford was a great college QB but i just don't know how is going to fare in the big league. Arizona even with Derek Andersen wins this game. St Louis is going to have another rough year i believe and it starts here.

Dallas vs. Washington  My pick is the Cowboys. Even though its a road game in Washington i think Tony Romo comes out firing and connects with Miles Austin for a couple TD's. I am very anxious to see how Mcnabb starts off the season with the Redskins. I think he will have a good season but i just don't think they will be enough to get past the Cowboys this time.

Monday Night
Baltimore vs New York Jets  My pick for this is the Jets. This will be a very defensive game. The Jets Defense is very tough and i think they have what it takes to slow down Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. Finally Revis came back and will really help the Jets defense again. In the first Monday Night Football game of the year i think the Jets win at home in a low scoring defensive battle.

San Diego vs Kansas City  In the second Monday Night match-up my pick is the Chargers. Phillip Rivers is going to continue rolling and have a good opening game against the Chiefs Defense. Even without LT the Chargers offense will move on and rookie RB Ryan Matthews is expected to have a great rookie season.
The Chargers win with ease on the road in the last game of the first week of the NFL Season.

Any feedback on my picks are more then welcome and let me know some of your picks for the week!

Monday, September 6, 2010

First Week Wrap Up!

College Football is officially underway and in full force! After a great and exciting weekend of its first week of games! This has to be one of if not my favorite time of the year! I love College Football! As far as my picks of 10 games goes.. here is how i fared. Not as good as i was hoping.

Oregon walked all over New Mexico winning 72-0. Which i attended the game, until halftime.
TCU Beat Oregon State at Cowboy Stadium
LSU Held on and beat North Carolina who had 13 players not suited down due to suspension. I had picked NC
Utah upset #15 Pitt in a very close game! I had unfortunately had Pitt Winning
USC beat Hawaii. Although it was a lot closer of a game then i thought it would be. USC's offense looked good but their defense didnt look too good. But held on to get the victory on the road.
Kansas State held on to beat UCLA. I had picked UCLA to win this one.
BYU beat Washington 23-17. Despite a good performance from QB Jake Locker. It wasn't enough for the Huskies
Oklahoma beat Utah State 31-24 in a very close game that wasn't expected
Notre Dame beat Purdue 23-12 to give Kelly his first win as the head coach. I had Purdue with the upset.
My game of the week didn't disappoint that's for sure! #3 Boise State marched down the field with under 2 minutes to go to score a game winning Touchdown to beat #10 Virginia Tech at Fed Ex Field in the Nations Capital.

My weekend Record  5-5. Which isn't good starting off the season. But from the rest of the season on I am going to pick every Top 25 game there is for the rest of the season. Instead of picking 10 random games. Also tomorrow or Wednesday i will be posting my NFL picks for the week! With the season starting on Thurs. night. Once again i would love feedback on my picks and games. Would also love to get some more people viewing my blog!
thanks again!